Friday, 19 February 2016

A Typical Week In York

For the people who don't really care what's going on my mind (or simply just hate the vagueness of what I usually write about), feel free to see yourself out.

Lol jk don't leave. Pls. 

But I thought I'd just share what a typical week in York looks like, just to give a concrete idea of what I'm going through. Warning - this is long, just so that 33.33% of my readers can know I have a life (hi mom). 

Nothing like a good, cheery literature lecture to start the day. Never mind the fact that I completely have no idea what is going on. It's all good though, because I can blend into non-existence when there's more than 100 students in the lecture hall. 

3-hour break till the next class! WOOHOO. My options are: more sleep, go out for coffee, catch up on my readings, make lunch (yes it takes me 3 hours to make lunch, and I'm only half kidding) or more sleep. I make it a personal mission to visit as many coffee shops as I can, but my bank account is kind of a party pooper. 

That's the end of classes for the day. I'll catch up on homework for the rest of the day, but who am I kidding - last minute work produces the best result. (Don't quote me on this - I take no responsibility whatsoever.)

Slug and Lettuce! Basically, a majority of us head to a restaurant called the Slug and Lettuce every Monday to get food because it's half price, it's good (probably the best food I have all week long because I'm a bad cook), and I'm thrifty aka cheapskate.
It's called being resourceFULL. I apologize, that is a bad pun.

There's a weekly meeting called i:connect cafe or something like that (I'm not very good with names) where we get to meet international people - from an exchange student from Pakistan to a business owner from Iraq to YWAM workers from Australia to a Malaysian WHO GAVE ME PINEAPPLE TARTS (shoutout to Sing Yee, the real MVP).
I just go for the free hot chocolate, tbh. Totally kidding, but not really. 

Probably the busiest day of my week. THREE CLASSES. More literature. More history. Why is my life so difficult? #firstworldproblems 

Gospel choir! Again, no idea what I am doing there, but it's all good fun. I just enjoy singing with people who love to sing.  

Good night! Just kidding, gotta make time for homework, ya know? Just being a responsible student (because my professor might be reading this lol). But really though, as a responsible film and media student, I watch movies. 
Also, we (by we I mean those of us who can cook aka not me) make delicious family dinners because yay food.

Class. [insert excitement]

Welp. I have the rest of the day to do homework, visit coffee shops, cook, or do whatever I want. Life's great. 

YSJ Singing Society! A small group of fun people just singing random pop songs. All casual and good fun. We're preparing for a concert at the end of the semester, so that's exciting. Also, mash ups. Yay!

Homework, dinner, and then maybe (definitely?) hang out with the Calvin crew later in the night. 1 pound drinks and dance party = good fun. Workout for the week - check! 

History class which I (surprisingly) enjoy, given the fact that I despise history simply because I have poor memory. 

Thus begins my weekend, since I have no classes on Friday. I usually use this time to catch up on homework, but I use some weekends for excursions to different towns/cities. 

Christian Union! Basically CF. Worship, Bible study, talks etc. Great bunch of people too!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
On busier weekends (actually that may just be every weekend...) I'll be visiting different towns/cities, but most Sundays are just easy-going where I get to go to church and chill with friends. I avoid going to town on the weekends only because there will be loads of tourists swarming around town...
I really do not like people. I mean bodies of people. I mean crowds. You know what I mean.

So yeah, life at York has been rather exciting lately. Even as I begin to settle into a routine, it's amazing how many new things I am discovering in York every day. It's simultaneously relaxing and exciting at the same time.

I can't believe it's a month since we've arrived, and I look forward to the next 3 months to come! (Not so much the papers that are due in the coming weeks tho. Ugh.) 

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